PSSNY Rules and Regulation



1.  PSSNY in Chinese:  ~sɳzӰf


2.  English name:  The Photographic Salon Society of New York


3.  PSSNY was registered in State of New York as a non-profit organization, for promoting photographic art, exchanging international culture and exploring the friendship around the globe. 


4.  PSSNY located at 42 Mott Street, 6 Floor, New York, NY


5.  PSSNY mailing address: PSSNY

                                              42 Mott Street, 6/F

                                              New York, NY 10013

                                              U. S. A.


6.  Board of Directors: Board of Directors were consisted by 13 original founder members of  PSSNY.  Three positions were created: Chairman (1),  Vice Chairman (1),  Secretary (1) were to be selected by votes among the Board of Directors, 


7.  Executive Council: Carry out Board of Directors agenda and responsible for the administration and all the activities.


8.  Executive Council consist of : President (1), Vice President (1) as selected by votes from the members of Executive Council.

Salon Chairman (1) Treasurer (1)
Accountant (1) Secretary of Chinese (1)
Secretary of English (1) Honors Committee Chairman (1)
Public Relation Director (1) International Affair (1)
Activity Director (2) Salon Committee member (s)
Salon Exhibition committee (s)

9.  All members of Board of Director and Executive Council would be two years term and could be served repeatedly if reelected.  Salon President could serve two terms only.  All committee staffs are volunteers.


10.  All individual with good personal conduct and interested in photography and abides by our Rules and Regulations are welcome to apply for the member of PSSNY.  To be a member of PSSNY, one must fill out the application form with one 1 inch photo to Executive Council as recommended by member of PSSNY and by majority votes for approval by the Executive Council.